Naming Applications and Microservices


Naming is hard. Naming is communication. Going bananas with naming microservices? Probably something you will regret! This post proposes a few guidelines to follow when naming internal applications and components.

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Date Formats: ISO 8601


Date formats are plentiful and humans are creatures of habit. Communication in an international context mostly works, but date formats cause unnecessary confusion. Which date format to use?

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Using OBS Studio with V4L2 for Google Meet


Many people are now working remote ("WFH"). How to make the best out of video calls with Google Hangouts Meet? This blog post describes how to use OBS Studio with a virtual camera device (video loopback) on Linux to add effects and scenes for Google Meet video calls.

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My Favorite F-Droid Apps


I try to use Open Source Android apps whereever I can. F-Droid is a community-maintained software repository which contains only free software apps. This posts describes my favorite F-Droid apps.

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