Liveness Probes are Dangerous


Kubernetes livenessProbe can be dangerous. I recommend to avoid them unless you have a clear use case and understand the consequences. This post looks at both Liveness and Readiness Probes and describes some "DOs" and "DON'Ts"

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Kubernetes and Python


While Go is the language-of-choice in the cloud-native world, Python has a huge community and makes it really easy to extend Kubernetes in only a few lines of code. This post is a follow-up to a talk I gave last week in Prague.

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KubeCon Barcelona Recap


KubeCon EU happened in Barcelona this year (May 20 - 23). This is my personal conference recap. I will not talk about any of the official KubeCon announcements (as there are enough other places to read about them).

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Accelerate: Software Delivery Performance

Accelerate book

The Accelerate book is about "measuring software delivery performance — and what drives it — using four years of groundbreaking research and rigorous statistical methods". I'll try to explain why I see the book as a blueprint for platform teams and how it relates to developer experience.

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