Pequod Single Node Cluster as Vagrant Box


Installing and configuring a private Platform as a Service (PaaS) usually is not an easy task. Testing our (unreleased) Docker-based Pequod cloud solution becomes easier with our new single-node-cluster Vagrant box. I'll show you how to get a "complete" trial Pequod cluster up and running with Vagrant.

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Docker with IPv6 and Resource Isolation


To experiment with Docker and IPv6 in "production", I decided to migrate this tiny blog to our (unreleased) Docker-based Pequod Cloud Solution. I will briefly describe how the setup looks like.

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USB WLAN on Xubuntu 13.10


In order to connect my old desktop PC (now connected to TV screen), I had to buy either a long ugly CAT cable, buy two powerline adapters or buy a WLAN adapter. I decided to go for a wireless USB adapter.

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Copying a large file via SSH


SCP is great for copying files between hosts, but what if you want to up/download a large file through a limited bandwidth connection without waiting for completion?

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Writing Python command line scripts


Python is great for writing command line scripts. Before extending a three line Bash script I usually rethink and implement it in Python. This post should summarize some conventions and best practices I recommend.

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Synchronizing GnuCash mobile with GnuCash desktop


Since 2002 I'm using GnuCash to track my personal accounts, incomes and expenses. Just recently I discovered the GnuCash mobile Android app. After importing my GnuCash account tree into the mobile app I could easily add expense transactions. The only problem was: How do I get the recorded transactions back into my GnuCash desktop application? The mobile app supports exporting transactions to QIF or OFX files. These files can be imported by the desktop application. But I realized that this manual process is too cumbersome to use on a daily basis.

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Starting over with Nikola


This site was down for quite some time. I did not want to deploy the old PHP-based site again and therefore looked for alternatives. I never used a static site generator before, but as this site has only a single author (me), I decided to go for it. Python is my favorite programming language, so the site generation tool should also be Python based. I started to look at the Python Wiki blog software list and quickly narrowed my choice down to Nikola:

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