XFCE desktop switch with Super key

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After upgrading to Xubuntu 14.04 my beloved shortcut Super+1 (left "Windows" key and "1" key) to switch to the first workspace/desktop did not work anymore.

I really got used to these Super+N (where N = workspace number) shortcuts as they are easily doable with the left hand only (keys are close to each other) and the Super key is usually free to use for custom shortcuts. I can configure Super+1 in XFCE settings, but apparently the key combination does nothing --- or more precise: only the numeric key is recognized, i.e. when I press Super+1 it will simply type "1" into the current window.

To make matters worse (or more mysterious) other key combinations using the Super modifier work. I configured Super+T to open the terminal emulator, Super+W for the web browser and Super+E for the file manager. All these shortcuts work like a charm.

I tried xmodmap, xev and looked into the XFCE configuration files --- without success.

Finally I found xdotool which allows sending arbitrary commands to X11 including switching the desktop:

$ xdotool set_desktop 0 # will switch to first workspace

Surprisingly the Super+1 combination works for application shortcuts, i.e. I simply configure XFCE application shortcuts for xdotool using xfce4-keyboard-settings:

  • Super+1: xdotool set_desktop 0
  • Super+2: xdotool set_desktop 1
  • Super+3: xdotool set_desktop 2
  • Super+4: xdotool set_desktop 3

With this workaround I could get my handy desktop switching shortcuts back :-)

XFCE is a great simple desktop environment, but sometimes small issues make life harder than it should be.